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Please see below for a list of announcements relating to the School of Medicine website which affect the web workers or require action on their part. These announcements have been previously disseminated via Outlook.

Date Subject

Our web workers have been asking for a way to build community and to share information. Now we’ve got it for you!

We have created a SharePoint (SP) site for you at: https://sharepoint.medschool.ucsf.edu/SOM/ISU/WebWorkers/default.aspx
Note: The URL begins in https, not http.

Quick Start Guide (PDF)

Come to an informal meeting on Thursday March 15, 2007 in Room S-163, at Parnassuss, from 3-4PM for a demo and a little celebration.

  • We will be holding a working meeting on Wednesday 1/3/2007 in LHts 307 (the computer lab). I will be there from 1:30-5PM.
  • Please join us at 1:30PM if you would like work on your sites in the computer lab. I will be there to give assistance. Call me in advance if there is anything particular you would like to discuss or prepare.
  • From 3-4:30 PM I will be training several new web workers on the School of Medicine templates and workflow. You are invited to stay on and continue working or to join us for a refresher course.

Please note that our server team will be performing maintenance on the School of Medicine servers on Wednesday, January 3 at 6:00 p.m.  The servers will be intermittently unavailable for up to two hours.

Therefore, in order to minimize the risk of losing work, please do not make any updates to your pages on integration during this time.


The content freeze for sites on the Medschool and Intranet servers will be lifted on Friday, 1/13/06 and you will be able to work on your sites again.*

It is important that you verify that your sites have not been affected by the server migration. So, on Friday, please restart your computers (to flush your DNS cache) and browse through your sites on both integration and on production. Look to see that the pages are your most up-to-date versions, that any functionality is unaffected and that there are no broken links. Please let us know of any content or functionality problems and fix broken links ASAP.

Attached is a checklist to help you resume work. This should be a simple process, but we ask that you run through it as soon as possible, in order to flush out any problems before you are faced with a content deadline.

*Those of you with your own domains (Dermatology, Obstacles, DAHSM, FCM, Osher, Global Health Sciences, Stem Cell, CHC, HSS, Neurosurgery, IND, Humgen, Ptrehab) have been notified as to when your content freezes will occur. You will also need to execute the above steps immediately as soon as your freeze has been lifted.

checklist >>

12/27/05 Our School of Medicine server migration will be taking place from 1/9-1/12/2006. In order not to lose any of your work, we are asking you to make no changes to your sites during those three days.

11/02/05 We have updated all pages and templates to allow the webworkers the ability to edit page titles and metadata with keywords specific to individual sites or pages.

We will be moving all the School of Medicine files to a new server at the end of the year. We are taking this opportunity to effectuate a global clean up of sites, removing any old, outdated or extraneous files. Valentina has sent the webworkers lists of orphaned files and broken links. In addition, this is a good time to review your file-naming conventions, especially versioning.

Please have your sites cleaned up by Wednesday, November 30. Please let Valentina know when you have done so and be sure to call on her for any help you may require.

09/07/05 As you may recall, we will be reworking your templates to allow you to add your own metatags and to update the ‘page updated’ bug. This will also be a good time for you to clean up your site of orphans if any are lingering there.

I will begin working directly on your templates starting next week. Before I do so, I will contact you individually to coordinate this with you.
08/15/05 OET will not be able to offer us a hands-on video workshop. They have forwarded the following resources for those of you who are interested.
07/20/05 The Admissions website has been extensively re-structured. Please update any links you may have to Admissions on your sites.
07/17/05 The OHRS website has been extensively re-structured. Please update any links you may have to OHRS on your sites.
07/13/05 Christian Burke will be holding a workshop on Video for the Web later this summer, date and time TBD. If you are interested in participating, please contact Valentina.
If you are interested in helping us plan our School-wide intranet by participating in a focus group, please contact Beth.
04/01.05 The Information Services Unit will be adding an additional production server. What this means to you>>
03/14/05 Save the date for our next Web Workers' Meeting. April 13, 2005, Laurel Heights Room 307. Meetings>>
11/16/04 You may now embed streaming media on your pages. Please see the Center for Instructional Technology's easy to use tool for doing so.
09/30/04 We’ve got the go-ahead to begin our hands-on working meetings. We’d like to have our first such meeting in October. We expect to hold these meetings five to six times a year. More>>
09/22/04 Your pre-formatted graphics now reside in a file called _graphics.aspx. This file is located in your templates folder, just above the color-coded libraries.
09/14/04 Cynthia has created several new banners for you to use on your sites. They have been been placed in the templates folder in a file called _graphics. (Note that I have moved ALL graphics to this location from your libraries.)
08/30/04 We have restructured and reorganized the Family Medicine/FCM site. Please update any links to FCM which may exist on your site.
06/01/04 As of Wednesday, June 9, your pages will now go live at 10AM instead of at 9AM. This will give you an additional hour in the morning to check your work on staging before it goes live.
03/30/04 The Web Update Tool has a new url: http://tools.medschool.ucsf.edu/webupdate/
02/03/04 New Tutorial:
Formatting Links in Preformatted Tables
12/26/03 New LeftHandNavs have been implemented and are live. The temporary freeze to navigation changes has been lifted.
1/07/04 New Tutorials:
Search Engine Optimization Tips
Inserting accessible images/Creating "alt" tags
Updating Your Page Title
12/9/03 LeftHandNav Update Blackout
12/3/03 Please review your site's metadata
11/04/03 Reminder re server cleanup
10/28/03 Server cleanup, please check your sites on staging for broken links
10/23/03 Three new tutorials added, including workflow tutorial
10/17/03 Ideas for Meeting Agendas?
10/15/03 Two new tutorials added
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Updated: May 17, 2007
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