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The Kanbar Center for Simulation, Clinical Skills and Telemedicine Education

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Kanbar Center for Simulation, Clinical Skills and Telemedicine Education


Clinical Skills Education

Healthcare professional education programs are designed to accommodate a variety of clinical skills activities tailored for medical students throughout the four-year curriculum as well as for inter-professional and continuing medical education. We work in partnership with clinicians and multi-disciplinary educators to create innovative learning projects designed to enhance a variety of summative and formative exercises.
With the use of standardized patients (SPs) students can practice hands-on skills in a safe and realistic ambulatory setting.

Standardized Patient Program

The Standardized Patient Program is dedicated to promoting better health outcomes by improving the quality of health education training through the use of SPs- a dynamic educational resource.

What is a Standardized Patient?

Who are our Standardized Patients?

A roster of people representing a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds encompassing a wide range of ages.

Theatre and film actors who have the skill sets necessary to meet the challenges of acting in a variety of scenarios.

People with flexible schedules.

Intelligent, emotionally mature, articulate, and reliable people who understand the importance of their contribution to medical education.

Those who understand and can appreciate the value of giving feedback in an instructional and non-threatening manner reinforcing positive as well as improvable aspects of a learner's performance.

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August 1, 2012