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The Kanbar Center for Simulation, Clinical Skills and Telemedicine Education

530 Parnassus AvenueSecond Floor
San Francisco, CA 94143-1938
Box 1938

Email: Kanbar@ucsf.edu

Phone: 415-476-9392

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Kanbar Center Scheduling, Fees and Tours


Kanbar Center Scheduling:

The Kanbar Center accommodates clinical skills and simulation programs from all four UCSF schools and the physical therapy program. We recommend that you contact us as far in advance as possible to schedule your sessions. Important information to know:

Scheduling steps:
  1. Email the Kanbar Center with the following details about your educational activity: Course Title, Course Number, Course Objective, Activity Type, Number of Students, Number of Faculty, Session Duration, Preferred Dates and Times to schedule the activity.
  2. Kanbar staff will contact you within two business days to get additional information as needed
  3. A consultation will be set up within 5 business days to discuss new programs
  4. After consultation, scheduling will be finalized.

Please note that Kanbar has a priority scheduling system based on various factors, including type of program, number of learners, interprofessional nature of program and effective/efficient use of Kanbar space. Please contact the Kanbar Education Director, Sandrijn van Schaik, at vanschaiks@peds.ucsf.edu with questions or concerns.

Note additional scheduling resources in the Teaching and Learning Center:
Visits and tours:

In order to not disrupt educational activities, unscheduled visit and tours cannot be accommodated. We appreciate your interest in our center and will try to accommodate tour requests as much as we can, please contact the Kanbar Center for further information.


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