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About Ilios


Ilios allows you to search a curriculum by:

  • discipline/subject
  • learning objectives
  • faculty member name
  • session titles and descriptions
  • Medical Subject Headings (MeSH)
  • and much more.

Search results are displayed in table form and can be sorted by:

  • title
  • type (lecture, lab, learning material)
  • course name
  • academic year
  • discipline/Subject

Horizontal and Vertical Searches of a Curriculum:

Ilios manages all historical data about a curriculum and allows searching across an academic year (horizontal) or throughout a medical school class (vertical).

Example: If Ilios housed curricular data back to September 2001, then in 2006 you could ask the following questions:

  1. What did we teach on bio terrorism during the academic year 2001-2002?
  2. What did we teach on bio terrorism during the academic year 2005-2006?
  3. What did we teach the Class of 2005 on bio terrorism during their four years of medical school?

Give it a Try!


Updated: May 18, 2007
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