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CrashPlan FAQ
(For School of Medicine ISU Supported Workstations only)

What is CrashPlan?
CrashPlan is a secure online backup system to protect your critical data. The client software is installed on the user's workstation as a service and runs in the background.

* Which OS do we support?
Windows XP, 7 and Mac. (32/64-bit)

* Do you need an account to use Crashplan?
Yes, the user needs a valid AD account from SOM or CAMPUS domain. Medical Center domain is not supported at this time.

* How long do we keep the backup data?
180 days.

* Which files/folders do we backup?
All files under the user's directory excluding media files (mp3, video, graphic) by default.

* How do I install the client?
Please submit a ticket to the SOM Helpdesk at 502-1919.

* Can users restore their own data?
Yes. Users can restore their own data from the PRO Client desktop or from a web page.

* How do I restore my data?
There are 2 ways to restore data. Either from the Crashplan client on the local machine or from the web console.
- From the local machine - Launch Crashplan client and login with your AD account. This is for self-restore only.
- From the web - Go to https://backup.ucsf.edu:4285/ and login with your AD account. This is for self-restore or admin restore.

* Will CrashPlan continue to run when I am logged out or logged in as a different user?
Only if you are using a Windows computer, CrashPlan will always continue to back up because it runs as a background service.

* Can I install CrashPlan more than once on the same computer?
No. Only one instance of CrashPlan can be installed on a single computer.

* Can I backup a computer that has multiple user accounts?
We do not support multiple user accounts on one computer. Only the main user's folder will be backed up.

* What is the backup frequency?
Every hour.

* Can I control what files users back up?
No, this is a pre-defined setting on the server. The backup policy determines which files are backed up

* Does CrashPlan PRO do bare metal or full system backup or restore?
No. CrashPlan PRO is focused on backing up data only.

* Will backup automatically resume after a client computer goes to sleep or loses network connectivity?
Yes. CrashPlan PRO is designed to resume backup upon waking up / reconnecting after a computer goes to sleep or loses network connectivity.

* Can CrashPlan back up my database?
Yes. We recommend that you dump your database regularly and back up the location where the dump files are stored.

* Can users restore someone else's data?
No. Users cannot see or restore data from any other user account.

* Is data encrypted when traveling to the destination?
Yes. All data is encrypted before leaving the client computer.

* Is CrashPlan PRO HIPAA compliant?
Yes. Data is backed up symmetrically at the source and cannot be decrypted at the destination without the user's password.

* How is a forgotten user password recovered?
CrashPlan account is the same as the AD account. Submit a ticket to the Helpdesk to reset your AD password.

* How do I delete a computer from my CrashPlan account?
Please submit a ticket to our Helpdesk. We can remove it from your CrashPlan account.

If you experience catastrophic data loss, please contact the Help Desk at 415.502.1919 or isurequest@medsch.ucsf.edu.

Updated: November 21, 2011
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