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GME License Fair

California Medical Licensing Fairs and Information

Office of Graduate Medical Education
University of California, San Francisco

GME Licensing Fairs
  • July 25, 2012
  • August 16, 2012
Lange Reading Room (Parnassus Library),
5th Floor, 9am-5pm

To help make applying as simple as possible, the GME Office will again be hosting its annual licensing fairs on July 25, 2012 and August 16, 2012 in the Lange Reading Room (Parnassus Library), 5th Floor, from 9 am to 5pm.

These fairs are an opportunity to obtain notarized signatures, Live Scan fingerprints, and your photograph all in one place. In addition, a representative from the Medical Board will be on hand to answer questions and collect medical school diplomas (bring your original and an 8½ x 11 copy).

Services Available

  • Photograph (2"x3") - $10
  • Notary (for application and transcript requests) - $10 per signature
  • Live Scan fingerprints - $23
  • Only CASH and CHECKS will be accepted

Required Documentation

  • Completed Application (forms L1A-L1E)
  • Original Medical School Diploma AND a 8x11 copy for ceritification

Licensing Process Information

  • Begin the licensing process at least six to nine months prior to the date you actually need your license.  In order to be licensed by July 1, 2013, OGME is recommending all application materials be submitted to the Medical Board no later than October 15, 2012.
  • Submit the initial licensing application (L1A – L1E) and the processing/application fee ($491) as soon as you can.  This will speed up the processing of your application and documents. 
  • All documentation sent to the Medical Board should be done through Fed Ex or UPS.  Do not send things through regular mail. 
  • We recommend making both license payments ($491 processing fee and $416.50 reduced licensing fee, $907.50 total) at the same time with a credit card on the Medical Board’s website:
  • Be sure to attach the receipt to the application (L1A – L1E) when you send it in. 
  • Complete all documentation clearly, legibly, and accurately.
  • Once you have completed your application, send it in immediately.  The Board occasionally updates their forms and will not accept old versions of the paperwork.
  • Do not use your home address on the application or other licensing forms.  The address you use will be posted on the Medical Board website and can be accessed by patients.  Use your program address.
  • Do not send all documents to the Medical Board at the same time…submit them as they are ready.
  • Have your fingerprints done very early in the process.  Any problems with the processing of your fingerprints may delay the issue of your license by several months.
  • Your license is valid for two birthdays and expires on the last day of your birth month.  The length of the initial license varies from 13 to 24 months depending upon when the license is granted.  Obtaining your license during your birth month gives you a full 24 months before renewal. 
  • DO NOT WAIT UNTIL YOUR BIRTH MONTH TO SEND IN YOUR PAPERWORK.  If you want your license issued during your birth month, send in everything, including the final licensing fee.  Attach a note to the final check requesting that the Board wait until the appropriate month to issue your license. 
  • To obtain your USMLE transcripts you may either request them by mail or the web.  The cost is the same, but if you request by mail you can ask for a copy to be sent to you as well.  If you use the web, copies can only be sent to official licensing entities.  However, the paper version must be notarized.
  • Do not request your USMLE transcripts until you have taken and passed Step 3.  If you request them before you have passed the exam, the Federation of State Medical Boards will send only what they have on record (Step 1 and Step 2).
  • E-mail addresses are optional on the application however OGME strongly recommends that you include an e-mail address as this will make correspondence with the Board much more efficient.

California Medical Licensing Tips