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UCSF Resident and Fellow QI Incentive Program


UCSF Medical Center and the GME Office establish annual incentive goals for trainees.  The overarching incentive goals traditionally include patient satisfaction and institution wide quality or operational goals.   Because program specific goals may increase housestaff engagement and participation in the incentive program and advance the quality agendas, the Medical Center and GME Office announce an opportunity for training programs to design an individualized program specific incentive goal. The program specific goal may be related to quality, safety, operations/efficiency, or patient satisfaction and should align with both departmental and medical center priorities. 

Program Description

Each program (residency or clinical fellowship) has the option to develop one specific incentive goal.  In order to ensure that the goal is aligned with departmental priorities, trainee representatives should work closely with department leadership, including, the program director, department quality physician leader and/or service chief, and department chair to develop the goal. Medical Center leadership, quality analyst, and GME leadership are also available for consultation. 

Data collection for baseline and final reporting is the responsibility of the program and/or department and the resident champion for the goal.  Programs are encouraged to use data that is a part of standard Medical Center reporting or is easily obtained from current databases (medical center quality analysts support each service and can assist with data options).  Otherwise programs will need to develop internal systems for measuring baseline and ongoing data.  These measurements should be proposed in the application and will be approved by the Medical Center and GME.  Data will be reported on a quarterly basis to GME office and subsequently to UCSF Medical Center leadership. 

Program-specific Posters 2014
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General Surgery

GI Fellows

Gyn-Onc Fellows

Obstetrics & Gynecology




Pulmonary CC Fellows

Radiation Oncology


Program-specific Posters 2013
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Glenn Rosenbluth, MD, Director, Quality and Safety Programs,