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SFGH Patient Care Fund - for Clinical Housestaff

Dear Residents,

You may or may not be familiar with the SFGH Patient Care Fund. If not, let me briefly introduce you to this valuable resource available to you as residents who work at SFGH.

Each year a pool of funds exceeding $100,000 is allocated towards the purchase of items that contribute to "Patient Care" at San Francisco General Hospital. This money was earmarked towards this purpose years ago as part of the CIR Union contract.

Recent examples of items purchased include TV/DVD/playstation for pediatric patients, condolence cards for patients' families, a bladder scanner, taxi vouchers for pregnant patients, portable interpreter speaker phones and more. Applications for items to be purchased with these funds are accepted on a biannual basis with November 1 and May 1 deadlines. We encourage new and creative ideas!

Many thanks!

The CIR Patient Care Fund committee

Deadlines are biannual: November 1, 2011 and May 1, 2012.

Also see, the UCSF Patient Care Fund website....for the UCSF Patient Care Fund application
Additional Patient Care Fund Information