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Resident & Fellow's Council

Through the continued efforts by the Graduate Medical Education Committee in enhancing the educational experience at UCSF, the Resident & Fellow's Council was borne. With their first meeting in 1999, the Resident and Fellow's Council (formerly the Medical Training Staff Committee) was to represent the more than 1,300 UCSF Resident and Clinical Fellows (ACGME or non-ACGME) in academic and administrative forums.

Charged in 2004 with a renewed emphasis on seeking new opportunities in improving quality of life and education issues impacting trainee work environment(s), the Resident & Fellow's Council undertook the challenge of developing and advocating alternative guidelines that will ultimately increase the educational value at UCSF.

Under the guidance of Bobby Baron, M.D., Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education, the Resident & Fellow's Council encourages and welcomes new members to take part and contribute in shaping the policies governing physician and patient life and to be active in improving the quality and value for their patients and peers. Through the development and implementation of the Patient Care Fund, the Resident & Fellow's Council is at the forefront of the movement towards improving the quality of care for patients at the UCSF Medical Center.

Message for Resident & Fellow's Council Members

Dear Residents,

Recent examples of items purchased include TV/DVD/playstation for pediatric patients, condolence cards for patients' families, a bladder scanner, taxi vouchers for pregnant patients, portable interpreter speaker phones and more. Applications for items to be purchased with these funds are accepted on a biannual basis with November 1 and May 1 deadlines. We encourage new and creative ideas!

Many thanks! The CIR Patient Care Fund committee

Also see, the UCSF Patient Care Fund website....for the UCSF Patient Care Fund application
Nurse-Resident Council
Nurse-Resident Council Information
Nurse-Resident Facilitation Document

Resident & Fellow's Council
Co-Chairs: Angela Walker/ Barak Bar

Aitken, Leslie
Allred, Kendall Shane
Angelo, Mike
Aranovich, Gabe
Bar, Barak
Belek, Kyle
Bennett, Heather
Bischoff, Kara
Burton, Becca
Dasgupta, Tina
Eagen, Kelly
Godhwani, Nita
Gonzales, Courtney
Groppo, Eli
Herr, Jared
Herrick, Claire
Hines, Jonas
Ho, Thu
Hong, Judith
Horak, Robin
Hsu, Charles
Jafri, Nazia
Jelin, Angie
Jimenez, Cynthia
Kased, Norbert
Khan, Basim Nawaz
Kim, So Young
Lansdale, Meagan
Le, Elizabeth (Lisa)
Madhavan, Radhika
Mansoori, Jason
Martel, Joseph
Mrgudich, Anthony
Mukhtar, Rita
Odisho, Anobel
Puri, Sunita
Quinn, Gene
Reese, Adam
Robinson, Christina
Russell, Marika Dubin
Russell, Matthew
Scharschmidt, Tiffany
Schickedanz, Adam
Shah, Nilika
Sittler, Taylor
Soskin, Philippa
Stapleton, Sahael
Thuillier, Dan
Tuot, Delphine
Turner, Andres
Walker, Angela
Weiss, Dana
White, Kristie

Residents Council

Resident & Fellow's Council Meetings