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Lactation Resources for Residents and Clinical Fellows


Room M-623B

In addition to the lactation facilities that are available in HSW for students and staff, the hospital has four lactation rooms for patients that can be shared by employees, housestaff, and faculty. For your convenience, one of these rooms, M-623B has a telephone for use on campus. M-623B is accessible by a key which can be obtained from the unit clerk in the PICU nurses' station right across the hall.


Building 2, Room 256

The lactation facility is a separate room adjacent to the women's restroom with its own entry. There is water available, a power outlet, but no telephone. It is accessible without a key at all times.


6H Nursery

The lactation room for general use is located on 6H. It is necessary to buzz in at the door to 6H (on the hallway leading to 6C only -- the other side by 6D requires a key). The phone number at the nursing desk is 206-8363 and you can call ahead to check if the room is in use prior to walking to 6H (not required). There is a power outlet, but no telephone. Breast milk can be kept refrigerated under lock until the end of a shift provided it is labeled with a name and the date.


Mt. Zion

Hallman Building, Room 217

The door code for this lactation facility is 123.