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GME Evaluation Task Force Recommendation

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July 1, 2008


The ACGME requires that residents and faculty evaluate the training program at least annually and that the evaluation results be used at the Annual Program Review meeting to assess the program’s performance and set future goals. Rather than recommend a specific evaluation form to be used by all UCSF GME programs, the Evaluation Task Force offers these recommendations to help programs design their own forms.

  1. Align the program evaluation with the overall objectives of the program. For example, if the program aims to ‘create the next generation of academic physicians in . . . “, it would be important to address the career intention of the residents and the processes the program uses to encourage or support academic careers.
  2. Consider which program objectives and outcomes would be valid to assess using a survey of residents and faculty. The development of values, career priorities and intentions, perceived competency, and preparation for practice are examples of outcomes that can be surveyed.
  3. >Consider which methods and processes your program uses to achieve its objectives and survey faculty and residents on the perceived quality of these activities. Examples include the perceived quality of didactic experiences, clinical rotations, training sites and their resources; engagement of the faculty in general and at different training sites; support for research, pathways and individualized programs of study; access to the program director and other leaders; assessment of the learning environment.
  4. Allow open-ended responses to questions about the programs strengths, opportunities for improvement, and specific suggestions for improvement.
  5. Emphasize the confidential nature of the survey and that the results will be shared only in composite form at the Annual Review Meeting.

Potential Measures used in GME Program Evaluation - download word document
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