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GME Grand Rounds 2013-2014

GME Grand Rounds 2013-2014
Date Video Slides Title Location
9/16/14 Video Slides

Root Cause Analysis: How Incident Reports Lead to Improvements

Glenn Rosenbluth, MD and Matt Russell, MD

N 217
8/19/14 Video Slides

Hot Topics in Clinical Nutrition: 10 Things You Need to Know

Robert B. Baron, MD, MS

N 217
7/15/14 Video Slides

From Lawrence Weed to Apex and ICD-10

Paul Brakeman, MD

N 217
6/17/14 Video Slides

Whole Genome Screening for Everyone: Are We Creating Haystacks to Find Needles?

Wylie Burke, MD, PhD

N 217
5/20/14 Video Slides

Educating Clinicians to Deflate Medical Bills: Best Practices for Teaching Value

Neel Shah, MD, MPP

N 217
4/15/14 Video Slides

The Affordable Care Act: Success or Failure?

Janet Coffman, MPP, PhD

Edward Yelin, PhD

N 217
3/18/14 No Video this Month Slides

Practical Approaches to Common Ethical Dilemmas in the Hospital

S. Andy Josephson

N 217
2/18/14 Video Slides

What Do I Do When Things Go Wrong?

Practical Guidance to Achieve Ethical and Accurate Disclosure of Adverse Events

Susan Penney, JD

N 217
1/21/14 Video Slides

Caring Wisely: UCSF's New Program to Reduce Costs, Increase Value and Enable Innovation

Ralph Gonzales, MD

N 217
11/19/13 Video Slides

The Front Lines of Patient Safety: Illuminating the Big Black Box of Incident Reporting

Adrienne Green, MD

N 217
10/15/13 Video Slides

Narrative Advocacy: Improving Health and Health Care by Telling Stories of Doctors and Patients

Louise Aronson, MD, MFA

N 217
9/17/13 Video Slides

Alcohol Use Disorders in Medical Settings: Screening, Initial Treatment, and Referral

Steven Batki, MD

N 217
8/20/13 Video Slides

Ten Tips for Optimizing the Learning Climate

Catherine Lucey, MD

Vice Dean for Education

UCSF School of Medicine

N 217
7/16/2013 Video Slides

Academic Medicine in an Era of Austerity: Implications for Education, Clinical Care, and Research

Watch Live Stream 12 - 1 pm

Atul Grover, MD, PhD
Chief Public Policy Officer
Association of American Medical Colleges, Washington, D.C.

N 217