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Accessibility Statement

We have redesigned the School of Medicine homepage to meet currently recognized web accessibility standards. Our goal is to make the site easily understandable and navigable to screen readers and those using other assistive technologies.

To meet this goal we have added:

  1. A skip navigation link allowing users to jump past groups of mostly repetitive navigation links and go directly to the main content.
  2. Access keys allowing users to quickly access important sections of the website with the keyboard rather than a mouse. See our access key legend below.
  3. Descriptive alt tags providing text descriptions of images for screen readers and those who have images turned off.
  4. Text designed to be easily re-sizable through the web browser. See instructions for re-sizing text below.
  5. Text displayed in high contrast for readability.
  6. Abbr and acronym tags to denote abbreviations and acronyms.
  7. Hyperlinked text that clarifies what content the user will find, rather than vague links such as ‘learn more’ or ‘click here’.

Access Key Legend:

Feature Windows (IE) Windows (Firefox) Macintosh
Accessibility Statment Alt + 0 Shift + Alt + 0 Ctr + 0
Skip Navigation Alt + S Shift + Alt + S Ctr + S
UCSF Home Alt + 1 Shift + Alt + 1 Ctr + 1
SOM Home Alt + 2 Shift + Alt + 2 Ctr + 2
Education and Training Alt + 3
Shift + Alt + 3 Ctr + 3
Research Alt + 4
Shift + Alt + 4 Ctr + 4
Patient Care Alt + 5
Shift + Alt + 5 Ctr + 5
Site Map Alt + M Shift + Alt + M Ctr + M
Contact Alt + S
Shift + Alt + S Ctr + S

(IE users will have to press Enter after the Access Key)

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Text Re-size Instructions

Browser Menu Items Macintosh Shortcut Windows Shortcut
Internet Explorer View >
Text Size >
View >
Text Size >
Command+ Ctrl++
Opera View >
Zoom >



Safari View >
Make Text Bigger

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Planned Improvements
The homepage is a first step in a planned site wide upgrade.

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