Serena Yang, MD, MPH with Helen Loeser, MD, MSc

Photo credit: Elisabeth Fall/

The Academy Service Award

At its Celebration of New Members, the Academy honors a member for outstanding service in support of Academy activities.

The Service Award Recipient for 2014 is Serena Yang, MD, MPH, Department of Pediatrics.

Previous honorees:

  • 2014: Serena Yang, MD, MPH
  • 2012: Anda Kuo, MD
  • 2010: Katherine Hyland, PhD
  • 2009: Tracy Fulton, PhD
  • 2008: Colin Partridge, MD, MPH
  • 2007: Lowell Tong, MD
  • 2006: Kim Topp, PhD
  • 2005: Leslie Zimmerman, MD
  • 2004: Tim Kelly, MD and Manny Pardo, MD
  • 2003: Jessica Muller, PhD