The Siu Award

Howard and Lettie Siu created the Siu Award to honor Richard Haber, MD, an exceptional teacher and member of the first class of the Academy of Medical Educators. Haber passed away in 2007 and the Sius chose to recognize his legacy at the Celebration of New Members in 2008. Throughout his long career at UCSF, he was universally regarded as a master teacher and clinician. A remarkable mentor to UCSF students and residents, he exemplified through his passion and enthusiasm the joy of medicine and the fulfillment of giving.

The Siu Award was presented to two UCSF faculty members in primary care who best exemplify to our medical students Haber's answer to achieving quality of life. The recipients, Elizabeth Harleman, MD, and Anda Kuo, MD, were recognized on September 15, 2008.