The Legacy Award


Ann Poncelet, representing the Class of 1988, presents Don Ganem, with the AME's Legacy Award in April 2013.

Don Ganem, MD, a "modern-day microbe hunter," has devoted his career to unlocking the secrets of some of life's most infectious organisms: viruses. His studies have uncovered how the viruses responsible for hepatitis B and Kaposi's sarcoma infect humans and wreak havoc on the body. Ganem joined Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research in 2011, where he remains on the front lines of discovering new viruses that cause human disease: pneumonia, upper respiratory infections, hepatitis, meningitis, and encephalitis.

During his 30-year career at UCSF, Ganem was described as a "physician with a researcher's heart and a teacher's passion; he values most what is different about humans because that is where he can learn the most about infectious disease." He clearly transmitted this passion to the UCSF School of Medicine's Class of 1988, which named him the recipient of the Academy of Medical Educators fourth annual Legacy Award.

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Photo credit: Noah Berger