Annual Reporting and Continuation Review

All members submit an Annual Summary, which:

  • Provides medical education-related data for the AME's annual report to the Dean's Office.
  • Documents participation in AME administration and activities and attendance at AME-wide functions.

In addition, members submit a Continuation Review Report every two years, which:

  • Attests to the sustained quality and focus of the member's educational work.
  • Describes significant contributions to advancing the AME's mission.
  • Documents productive citizenship in the AME since the last review.

The Continuation Review Reports and Annual Summaries of those being reviewed are evaluated by the Membership committee. Members who have not maintained the level or quality of educational contributions and/or who have not been sufficiently active will meet with the director to determine whether continued Academy membership is a goal, and in the event that it is, to explore ways to increase participation in the AME's service mission.

Continuation reviews are conducted in alternate years, based on the member's year of induction into the AME (e.g., those inducted in 2013 will first be reviewed for continuation in the spring of 2015). Report templates are partially pre-populated by AME staff (i.e., with service activities and attendance at AME-wide functions), but members are asked to review and complete the report, i.e., write brief reflective sections, estimate hours, and document any activities about which we may be unaware.

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