Innovations Funding: Links to funded projects, 2001-2012

Funded projects are displayed here in chronological order with the most recent projects listed first along with the name of the Principal Investigator. Projects are organized by year grant was submitted and reviewed. For more information about a given project, please contact the P.I. pdf All documents on this page are pdfs.

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Le, Phuoc An Experiential Learning Curriculum in Global Health Ethics Using Simulation  
Naeger, D

The Online Integrated Radiology Curriculum (IRC)

Sawtelle, S Patient Safety in Emergency Medicine: Deliberate Practice through Simulation  
Ulku, Aylin Bridging the Training Gap: A Bidirectional Global Telehealth-based Curriculum  



Chen, HC Developing and Assessing Competencies Through Student and Preceptor Engagement in Activities of the Clinical Workplace  
Chung, L Online Community Engagement Curriculum Modules  
Connor, D Wards 101: A Clinical Immersion Experience for Medical Students  
Cornes, S Restructuring Neurologic Exam Teaching From UME to GME through a Video Curriculum Emphasizing a Hypothesis-Driven Approach  
Gomez, I Using a Dynamic Objective Structured Teaching Exercise (DOSTE) in a Longitudinal Model for Faculty Development  
Lager, J Integration of the Centering Model of Care into the PISCES Students' Curriculum  
Rosenbluth, G Development and Validation of an Assessment Tool for Quality Improvement  
Shamasunder, S Bridging the Implementation Gap In Global Health Delivery: A Collaborative, Innovative Curriculum  


Hauer, K Introducing Longitudinal Assessment and the MD Portfolio across Core Clerkships  
Hauer, K Longitudinal Clinical Skills Assessment Using Standardized Patients: Integrating the OSCE and CPX Programs  
Hyland, K Integration of Foundational Sciences into Clinical Skills Exams  
Pierce, R Leadership Observation and Feedback Tool (LOFT)  
Vargas, J Developing a Web-Based Asynchronous Obstetric Ultrasound Education Program to Standardize Interdisciplinary Training and Competencies  
Yang, S Developing a Longitudinal Pediatric Scholars Program for Residents and Medical Students at UCSF Fresno Using a Team-based, Blended Learning Approach  



Houseman, B Development of an interdepartmental, web-based trauma curriculum at San Francisco General Hospital  
Kamel, H A Comparison of Trainees' Performance Using a Standard Versus Hypothesis-Driven Neurological Examination  
Kuo, A Leadership Observation and Feedback Tool (LOFT)  



Atkinson-McEvoy, L  
Boly, L Telemedicine: Providing Care for the HIV-Infected Patient in the Correctional Setting
Dohan, D Developing an Innovative Core Curriculum for the Core Program in the Pathway to Discovery in Health and Society  
Douglas, V Continuous Improvement During Third-Year Clinical Clerkships
Jackson, R Development of an Interdepartmental, Clinically Relevant, Evidence-based, Patient Safety Curricula for Medical Students and Residents at SFGH  
Kuo, A A Leadership Curriculum and Evaluation Toolkit for Diverse Learners  
Wamsley, M Integrating Multiple Levels of Learners into an Interdisciplinary Team-Based Model of Ambulatory Care  



Aronson, L Developing Cross-Pathway Core Writing Courses: Scientific Writing, Reflective Writing and Public Writing
Chang, A Developing an Identification Tool and Early Intervention Curriculum for Medical Students at Risk of Poor Clinical and Communications Skills Performance in the CPX
Chou, C Annealing VALOR with UCSF Residency Programs in the Outpatient Setting
Dohan, D Developing an Interdisciplinary, Competency-Based Health Systems and Health Policy Training Curriculum for Learners at Diverse Levels of Career Development
Gross, M An Integrated Approach to Family Violence and its Health Effects: Creating a Coordinated Four Year Curriculum on Interpersonal Violence at the UCSF School of Medicine
Kuo, A A Curriculum to Train Health Care Leaders Across the Spectrum
Shunk, R A Shared Outpatient Clinic Model for Graduate Internal Medicine Residents
van Schaik, S Towards a UCSF Children's Hospital Simulation Training and Assessment Program: Procedural Skills Training and Assessment for Pediatric Residents and Medical Students
Vener, M Continuity of Adult Care in Model SFGH 2008-9
Wortis, N Developing Competencies in Community Engagement: A Pilot in UCSF UME and GME Programs



Breiman, R Creation and application of interactive computer-based 3D modules for the teaching of anatomy to medical students and postgraduate trainees
Chen, HC Integrated Teaching of the Physical Examination and Clinical Reasoning through Problem-Based Learning
Josephson, SA Assessment of Neurologic Reflex Skills in Medical Students and Residents at Various Levels of Training
Kuo, A An E-Portfolio Tool to Foster Formative Evaluation of Independent Projects
Masters, S Improving Small Groups: Videos for faculty development and student instruction
Padilla, A Maternal, Child and Family Health; Model Longitudinal Integration at UCSF Fresno
Tong Comprehensive student assessment for the one-year Integrated Clerkship Pilot at Parnassus (PISCES)



Berger, T Resident physician and faculty members' ratings of adequacy of dematologic teaching in medical school: a preliminary study in the development of a standardized dermatology curriculum  
Chen, HC  
Chittenden, E Evaluation of a Multimedia Interactive Learning Experience
Chou, C An Interdisciplinary, Relationship-Centered, Cross-Clerkship Curriculum at VAMC SF
Christine, C
Fredrick, D Vision for Life: Ophthalmology from Preemies to the Elderly
Lai, C Transforming 'professionalism' from concept to practice: Teaching third-year medical students and medicine residents concrete professionalism skills in provider transitions of care
Lin, M A Novel Instructional Approach to Teaching Bedside Abdominal Ultrasonography Using a Self-Directed, Interactive Flash Multimedia Module for Preclinical and Clinical Medical Students
Prochaska, J Modernizing the UCSF School of Medicine's Teaching on Tobacco Effects and Treatment across Disciplines and All Four Years of Training
Shunk, R Can you hear it? Developing a Comprehensive Case-Based Cardiac Physical Exam Curriculum for All Four Years of Medical School
Vener, M
Vener, M



Adler, S Developing a Social Sciences Track for the Newly Reconfigured Area of Concentration in the Humanities and Social Sciences in Medicine  
Hyland, K Re-thinking Genetics in Medical Education: An Innovative, Integrated Medical Genetics Curriculum
Lai, C Interdisciplinary Chronic Disease Education: Introducing Third-Year Medicine and Pharmacy Clerkship Students to Chronic Illness Management through an Inpatient Curriculum and Patient Follow-Up Visits
Novotny, T
Stoltz, S A Collaborative Approach to the Advanced Studies Curriculum for 4th year Medical Students Interested in Careers in Emergency Medicine, Radiology or Neurology
Tulsky, J A Curriculum for Integrating Incarceration Health Studies and Multidisciplinary Students and Community Preceptors: A Proposal under the Area of Concentration in Community Health and Advocacy
Wilson, E Creating and Coordinating for Change: Working Group on Health Disparities Curriculum



Autry, M Enhancing undergraduate medical education using handheld computing: a pilot program during the UCSF Clinical Core curriculum
Breckler, J Creating novel case studies that integrate concepts in pharmacology and public health
Campbell, A Third Year Medical Student Review of Basic Anatomy During the Surgery 110 Rotation
Cha, Y Development of a Web Based curriculum and resource page for neurology residents to teach clerkship students and subinterns at UCSF  
Chen, HC Medical Education Elective as the first elective in the Medical Education Area of Concentration
Day, C Surviving and Thriving in Medical Training and Beyond: A Third and Fourth-year Elective for Medical Students to Retain Commitment to Interpersonal Aspects of the Practice of Medicine
Haller, E Enriching and Strengthening the Curriculum via Infusion of Sexuality and LGBTI Topics
Hauer, K Assessing and Enhancing Students' Interviewing Skills with interpreters in the Mini-CPX
Hill-Sakurai, L Teaching the Sexual Interview through Interactive Videotapes
Jain, S Developing an Area of Concentration in Community Health and Advocacy
Julian, K Developing an Observed Structured Teaching Exam at UCSF
Modica, R Teaching the Musculoskeletal Exam: A Pathophysiology-Focused Approach
Muller, J "Becoming a Clerk": An Observational/Interview Study of Student Acculturation to the Clerkships
Rabow, M Deepening and Expanding the Concept of Professionalism: An Intensive Healer's Art Retreat for 3rd and 4th yr Medical Students on Service, Values, Relationships, Commitment, and Meaning in Medicine
Rittenhouse, D Integration of Health Policy into Medical School Curriculum: Theme and Area of Concentration
Wortis, N Developing Community Partners for the Area of Concentration in Community Health and Advocacy



Adams, V Developing a Fourth Year Area of Concentration for the Humanities
Adler, S Culture and Integrative Medicine: A Month-long, Fourth-year Elective
Chou, C Students as Teachers: Improving Instruction of the Physical Examination While Encouraging Careers in Academic Medicine
Ciccarone, D Understanding the Complexities of Illicit Substance Use: A 4th Year Medical Student Elective
Daroff, R Developing and Implementing an Assessment Tool for Establishing Core Competency in the Neurologic Exam and the Mental Status Exam
Dhaliwal, G Three Clerkship Knowledge Integration and Assessment Project
Kuo, A Pilot of an Evaluation Tool in the Pediatric Clerkship to Improve Observation and Feedback
Learman, L Ambulatory Women's Health Elective for Future Primary Care Physicians
Novotny, T Comprehensive Curriculum in Global Health
Poncelet, A Transition from the Preclinical to Clinical Clerkships in Medical School: Benchmarking study
Rabow, M Improving Competence in Long Term Care and Palliative Medicine for Medical Students
Rouine-Rapp, K Perioperative Care Clerkship for Future Primary Care Doctors
Wamsley, M Teaching Residents to Teach: A Mini-Fellowship to Improve Teaching Skills and Encourage Careers in Academic Medicine
Zimmerman, L Development of Enduring Materials for Essential Core in the Organs and Metabolism Blocks



Adler, S Culture in the Curriculum
Patterson, H Anatomical Infrastructure  
Poncelet, A Neurology/Psychiatry Web Based Core Clerkship
Satterfield, J Behavioral Science in the Curriculum  
Shore, W Direct Observation Teaching  
Tabas, J Development of a 4th Year Medical Student Cadaver-Based Procedures Course