Innovations Funding for Education
(funding cycle July 2014 - June 2015)

Proposal Characteristics and Priorities

N.B. Complete information about proposal submission can be found in the Innovations Funding for Education forum within UCSF Open Proposals.

Learner focus: Proposal will have a significant impact on learners in one or more of the following schools:

  • School of Medicine Undergraduate Medical Education
  • SOM Graduate Medical Education
  • School of Nursing
  • School of Pharmacy
  • School of Dentistry
  • Graduate Division
  • Physical Therapy Program

    • Key priorities this collaborative proposal will address (check all that apply):
    • Learning and assessment of systems based practice (e.g. quality, safety)
    • New frameworks in competency-based learning and assessment (e.g. entrustable professional activities, new assessment tools, and outcomes-based assessment of IPE)
    • Pilots for increasing integration across learner levels and professions
    • New teaching and learning methods (e.g. flipped classrooms, technology-enhanced asynchronous learning modules, electronic health records, point of care decision support)
    • Approaches to enhance the personal/interpersonal learning climate (e.g. self-awareness, self-care, resilience, professionalism, respect)
    • Combining overlapping courses in different schools, employing principles of interprofessional education.

Primary approaches and settings:

  • Longitudinal clinical workplace learning
  • Interprofessional and team-based education
  • Faculty development
  • Extending current IPE activity
  • Teaching and Learning Center
  • Simulation
  • Anatomy Learning Center

Funding is not limited to these priority areas. Faculty members whose project ideas are not related to this year's funding priorities are still encouraged to submit proposals. Proposals that combine multiple priority themes are also encouraged.

Regardless of theme or specific priorities addressed, proposals are encouraged to:

  • Span multiple learner levels
  • Include collaboration across departments, programs, and/or schools
  • Include junior faculty as principal investigators
  • Include a role for a Health Professions Education Pathway learner
  • Have the potential to be disseminated beyond a single program, institution or discipline

Successful proposals include a robust evaluation plan and have the potential to be applied to and disseminated beyond a single program, institution, or specialty.