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Joan Voris, MD, announced her retirement as Associate Dean for UCSF Fresno. Michael Peterson, MD, will serve as interim associate dean.

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AAMC Advisory Committee on Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Sex Development (Bayer C, Dreger A, Eckstrand K, Hollenbach A, Hurley B, Leibowitz S, Potter J, Satterfield J, Sciolla A).

Implementing Curricular and Institutional Climate Changes to Improve Health Care
for Individuals Who Are LGBT, Gender Nonconforming, or Born with DSD.
The AAMC has released the first guidelines for training physicians to care for people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT), gender nonconforming, or born with differences of sex development (DSD).

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2014-2015 Academy Seasonal Meetings

2015 SOM Leadership Retreat: Transformative and Sustaining Partnerships
January 8-9, 2015
Golden Gate Club, Presidio

The 2015 School of Medicine Leadership Retreat will focus on the strategies, processes, and skills needed to forge transformational partnerships and sustain and continue to improve partnerships both internally among our schools, organizations and campuses and externally across industry, health care systems, academia, global health and community.

Education Showcase (formerly the Academy Education Symposium): The Scholarly Basis for Teaching and Learning
March 30-31, 2015
Teaching and Learning Center


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