Signing up for TOP

Course and clerkship directors who would like to offer TOP to their faculty should follow these steps:

1. Email a request form to Karen Brent 8 weeks before the course or clerkship begins.

2. Talk with your faculty about TOP, and/or customize and send this TOP information email to all of the potential mentees and confirm their participation. We do our best to accomodate everyone who asks to be paired with a TOP mentor, but space is limited, so we need to receive confirmation directly from every potential mentee (forwarded correspondence is just fine) before we can confirm a TOP observation.

3. Send reminder emails (as directed by Karen) 2 weeks before scheduled observations.

Individual teachers
: If you would like to be paired with a mentor, please send Karen Brent an email with a list of your teaching sessions (lectures, small groups, etc.) and dates, times and locations. Lead time of a month is recommended, but not essential. If there is a specific class which you would like observed, the more time the Academy has to find an available mentor, the better. Once your mentor has been scheduled you'll receive a confirmation and your mentor will contact you about the sort of feedback you have in mind. You'll also schedule a time for your feedback session, which is most efficient if conducted within a week of the observed session.