Seasonal Meetings Archive


November 18, 2014: Fall Meeting
Focus on Technology
Chandler Mayfield and Christian Burke of Medical Education's Technology Enhanced Learning presented an interactive session sharing the evolving landscape of learning technologies through TEL's lens and updated us on recent projects and progress in this domain. Together members explored the range of teachers' needs across the continuum of learners and trainees, and began to prioritize one or two areas where we might collaborate and innovate in the faculty development realm.

Winter Academy Site-based Meetings: February 4, 5, 9, 10, and 18 (5) 2015

Workshops were offered at MZ, Parnassus, SFGH, VAMC and Fresno in early February 2015. At this hands-on activity, members began to craft their own EP 2.0, which focused on the Executive Summary and Teaching Role using their laptops (or other portable electronic devices). Members received a head start (with guidance) on showcasing their accomplishments along with distributed resources and advance work in late January.

EP February 2015 Workshop PowerPoint

EP templates are here:


November 15, 2013: Fall Meeting
The Education Enterprise: Broadening our Engagement
This interactive meeting informed the work of the Task Force on Membership, chaired by Harry Hollander. Facilitated small groups advanced important ideas generated during February 2013 mini-retreats about expanding AME reach, supporting the pipeline of educators, and becoming a more outward-facing organization.

February 4, 6, 10, 12 and 19, 2014: Winter Site-based Meetings (5)
At each meeting, small groups were presented with a proposed streamlined Educator's Portfolio (EP) format, recommended by an AME action group co-led by Dave Irby and Maxine Papadakis. This action group developed and tested new templates after considering a recent national consensus model, the cumbersome nature of the existing EP and challenges involved in assessing it, and the potential for integrating a simplified EP into ADVANCE and other electronic platforms.

EP 2.0 Beta Resources:

Summer Academy Meeting and Reception: June 4, 2014

The Academy's summer meeting and reception celebrated the past year's successes and innovations, the AME Leadership Council led small group discussions about how the Academy will build on past successes and continue to excel as teachers for inquiry-driven learners in a rapidly changing educational and healthcare landscape. We acknowledged spring teaching award recipients, new Endowed Chair holders, and announced the Kim Award winner.


November 2, 2012: Fall Meeting

The meeting provided a wealth of ideas, best practices and challenges around academy innovation, structure and function, which inform the next phases of the AME's re-visioning process.

The Program:

  • 3:30-3:45 pm: Announcements and Framing
  • 3:45-4:15 pm: Innovations Funding Impact Report
    • Shelley Adler, Arianne Teherani, Anna Chang
  • 4:15-4:30 pm: Exploring possibilities for our AME: Ideas from our Academy colleagues
    • Focus: How best to serve the institution's learning community
      • University of Colorado: Eva Aagaard (Mentoring / expanding community)
      • University of Miami: Mark O'Connell, Richard Tiberius (Membership)
      • Marshall University: Darshana Shah (Developing / supporting teachers)
      • University of Chicago: Wendy Yanow (Scholarship)
  • 4:30-5:10 pm: What should we apply, explore, learn more about for our AME?
    • Small groups
  • 5:10-5:30 pm: Areas for growth at AME: What more might we want to learn?
    • Full audience debrief
  • 5:30-6:30 pm: Hosted reception, Genentech Hall Atrium

February 2013: Winter Site-based Meetings (8)
Parnassus: Tue, Feb 5 and Fri, Feb 22
SFGH: Wed, Feb 6 and Wed, Feb 27
VAMC: Thu, Feb 7
Fresno: Tue, Feb 12
East Bay (JMP/UCB): Tue, Feb 19
Mount Zion: Mon, Feb 25

The site-based retreats were designed to engage every member in the Academy's year-long re-visioning/repositioning process. At each retreat, facilitators lead discussion groups through guiding principles in three domains, culled from our process to date:

  • Membership
  • Supporting and Encouraging Teachers
  • Advancing Innovation and Scholarship in Educatiion
  • Our goal with this process was to develop a roadmap of where the Academy will go next, and how we will get there.

    Although no advance preparation was required, members were advised to read, The Prevalence and Practice of Academies of Medical Educators: A Survey of U.S. Medical Schools (Searle et al), which summarized the characteristics of sister academies as of 2008.

    Friday, June 10, 2013: Summer Meeting

    We acknowledged spring teaching award recipients, new Endowed Chair holders, and announced the Kim Award winner.


November 2, 2011: Fall Meeting

We began the meeting with interactive presentations by working group chairs, followed by a conversation and Q&A with Vice Dean Catherine Lucey. This was a terrific opportunity to get to know Dr. Lucey and learn about her priorities for medical education. Vice Dean Lucey will also be featured in "Academy 2011", our annual magazine, which goes to press soon. Contact Cynthia Ashe at for information about viewing the webcast of the meeting, or for a summary of the discussion with working group chairs.

February 3, 2012: Winter Meeting
Breakout Sessions: "Best Practices Show-and-Tell"
Session A - 3:45-4:15 pm

  • Engaging with the Educational Wing of your Professional Society: Why, When and How
  • Technology and Teaching in the Clinical Environment: The iPad, APeX and Beyond
  • Adventures in assessment

Session B - 4:20-4:50 pm

  • Linking Education and Clinical Quality
  • New Curricular Content for the 21st Century
  • Novel Uses of Educational Technology (Video, ARS, etc.)

Download a pdf of the notes from all sessions.


November 17, 2010: Fall Meeting

Attendees considered educational trends and campus-wide issues and discussed the opportunities (and threats) that these might present. Topics included assessment, leadership, education and clinical outcomes and curricular integration. Download a pdf summary of the small group discussion points and meeting evaluation.

February 14, 2011: Winter Meeting

A conversation with Chancellor Susan Desmond-Hellman, MD

June 3, 2011: Summer Academy Meeting

Attendees began prioritizating Academy activities in FY13.  After a Q and A with the leaders of the task forces working on leadership transitions, communication within the Academy, and outreach to "Group 2" teachers, and a (very) brief overview of budget projections for the next three years, the group broke into small groups to discuss:

1. Using educational technology to increase teaching efficiency--can the Academy help and, if so, how?

2. Maximizing the value of Academy programs and activities--what we should stop doing or do entirely differently, and why?

3. Partnerships and collaborations--are there opportunities to leverage our investment in programs such as TOP and Innovations Funding through thoughtful affiliations, without blurring or weakening our identity?

Download a pdf summary of the small groups' discussions.


November 16, 2009: Fall Meeting

At the meeting, Academy members and guests generated a collection of key points about time-efficient teaching and educational resources. Download a pdf of the document.

Winter Meeting
Fundraising 101
Forum on Measuring the Educational Mission
Summer Meeting

Monday, January 25, 2010: Winter Meeting with guest Glenn Regehr, PhD, University of British Columbia. Dr. Regehr gave a great talk entitled, "It's NOT Rocket Science: Rethinking the Research Imperative in Health Professions Education". His talk and a Q&A session were followed by an Academy business meeting: Criteria for Continuing Membership.

Rethinking the research imperative in health professions education:
Consistent with the physical sciences model for "ideal" research, the health professions education community has adopted an outcomes-based, hypothesis-testing, randomized controlled trial approach as the archetypal model for accruing evidence and understanding in our field. This emphasis on the value of hypothesis testing and the attendant "imperative of proof" in our research approaches have translated poorly to the domain of education with a resulting denigration of the domain as "soft" and "unscientific" and a distrust of the knowledge acquired to date. Using examples from the education literature and analogies to the physical sciences, this talk will reconsider the place of the outcomes-based, hypothesis-testing RCT models of research in the production and evolution of "scientific" knowledge, and will offer an alternative model based on an imperative of improvement rather than an imperative of proof. Practical implications for enhancing research and practice in health professional education will be discussed.

Monday, March 15, 2010: Fundraising 101 (Primer for Academy Members only): 2-3:30pm, Faculty-Alumni House. Joe Niesen, Executive Director of Development, and colleagues Regan Botsford, Olivia Herbert and Carrie Smith gave an interactive presentation about the important role you can play in helping your patients achieve their philanthropic goals. We explored ways you can respond to patients who express a deeper interest in your work, how to work with development professionals to cultivate an appropriate philanthropic relationship, and how you can provide your patients with an opportunity to act on their values and express their appreciation to you, to UCSF and to the Academy of Medical Educators by creating a meaningful gifting experience. We also addressed ways to cultivate and steward alumni who wish to share their appreciation for the education they received at UCSF.

May 12: Forum on Measuring the Educational Mission: 2-3 pm, N-217. In February 2010, Dean Hawgood charged a task force with devising a system to account for educational effort. This forum was an essential first step toward developing a sustainable funding model for medical education. Task force chair Dan West, MD, spoke about the system under consideration and Academy members and guests provided feedback.

Friday, June 11, 2010
: Summer Meeting: The Academy Celebrates Teachers: 3-5 pm, Faculty-Alumni House. We acknowledged spring teaching award recipients, announced the Kim Award winner, and Molly Cooke presented an interesting and interactive talk on "Socio-cultural Theories of Learning: Practical Insights for Busy Teachers". Slides from Molly's talk are available; please email Kathleen Land with your request.

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