Education Symposium 2014: Poster Guidelines

Digital poster instructions, tips and info about the templates on this website

Congratulations! We’re delighted that you will be presenting a poster at UCSF Education Symposium 2014. The poster session will be held on Monday, April 21 between 12-4:30 in the UCSF Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) located on the 2nd Floor of the Library on the Parnassus campus. You will be assigned to one of three poster sessions.

On this page you’ll find several poster templates (below). Click here to download a PDF of these instructions.

Please observe the following requirements:

  • 36:48 height to width ratio is optimal for the flat screen displays in the TLC
    • Use dark text against a pale/light background
    • Use a minimum font size of 18 pt (exception: references can be listed in smaller fonts)
    • Ariel and Time Roman (not Times New Roman) are optimal fonts
    • Retain 1/32” to 1/16” borders on left and right sides of your slide(s)
    • Retain the blue logo and title bar at the top and the color stripe at the bottom
    • Sign up for and attend a poster testing session. We will schedule 4 testing sessions with experienced TLC technicians and you MUST attend at least one. Poster testing is required so that you can adjust the resolution on the device you’ll use during the Symposium, see how your poster looks on the monitors and make any improvements /troubleshoot any issues with the help of a technician. Testing your poster is critical and will greatly reduce the chance you’ll have a problem the day of the Symposium. Please don’t count on getting tech help the day of the Symposium.
      • Poster authors will receive information about signing up for poster testing via email.
    • Test your poster using the EXACT device you’ll be using on April 21.

Posters with embedded multimedia:

    • If you embed video in your poster, be sure the clips are stored in your presentation folder (along with any images) or on your device. Please DO NOT rely on being able to connect to the internet in the TLC.
    • Mute the sound on videos.


    • Save PowerPoints as PDFs to optimize viewing (PDFs have better resolution lines)




    8:00 am - Noon
    Lange Room
    Parnassus Campus Library

    Plenary Sessions

    8:00-8:30 am: Registration, continental breakfast
    8:30-10:30 am: Oral Presentations
    10:30-10:45 am: Break
    10:45-11:30 am: Keynote Address by Nicole Woods, PhD
    11:30-11:45 am - Presentation of Cooke Awards

    Noon - 4:30 pm
    Teaching and Learning Center
    CL-220 & 223 and 221 & 222 Parnassus Campus Library

    Poster Sessions

    Noon - Luncheon buffet served
    12:15-1:15 pm - Moderated poster session #1 (timed and moderated viewing session during which the poster authors present their projects and talk with attendees)
    1:15-1:30 pm - Unstructured poster viewing (unscheduled viewing time during which poster authors may be present)

    1:45-2:45 pm - Moderated poster session#2
    2:45-3:00 pm - Unstructured poster viewing

    3:15-4:15 pm - Moderated poster session#3
    4:14-4:30 pm - Unstructured poster viewing


    9:00-11:00 am*
    Teaching and Learning Center
    CL-220 & 223
    Parnassus Campus Library

    *Workshops are concurrent.

    WORKSHOPS (presented concurrently)
    1. The Illusion of Memory Presenter: Nicole Woods, PhD

    2.Teaching in the moment: effective teaching in a busy clinical environment. Co-presenters: Jeffrey Tabas, MD in San Francisco and Kenny Banh, MD in Fresno (room 137).

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