Scholarship Committee

Responsible for the Academy's annual Education Showcase - where UCSF's faculty, residents and students have a chance to showcase their projects (past, current and future).

  • Ann Poncelet, Chair
  • Kathleen Land, Staff
  • Louise Aronson, MD, MFA
  • Amin Azzam, MD
  • Christy Boscardin, PhD
  • Marek Brzezinski, MD, PhD
  • Madhavi Dandu, MD, MPH
  • Alicia Fernandez, MD
  • Ellen Haller, MD
  • Beth Harleman, MD
  • Erick Hung, MD
  • Pat O'Sullivan, EdD
  • George Rutherford III, MD
  • Jason Satterfield, PhD
  • Jody Steinauer, MD
  • Emma Webb, MD
  • Daniel West, MD