Innovations Funding Committee

The major task is reviewing new proposals for Innovation Funding, but also devising strategies for better oversight and assessment of impact of innovations funds.

  • Glenn Rosenbluth, MD, Co-chair
  • Leslie Zimmerman, MD, Co-chair
  • Kathleen Land, Staff
  • Shelley Adler, PhD
  • Meg Autry, MD
  • Robert Baron, MD, MS
  • Christian Burke
  • Anna Chang, MD
  • Alan Gelb, MD
  • Marieke Kruidering-Hall, PhD
  • Descartes Li, MD
  • Helen Loeser, MD, MSc
  • Andrea Marmor, MD, MSEd
  • Susan Masters, PhD
  • David Naeger, MD
  • Arianne Teherani, PhD
  • Margo Vener, MD, MPH
  • Lori Weichenthal, MD