Departmental Representatives

Departmental representatives serve as links between the Academy and the academic departments. They meet periodically with their department chairs to learn how the Academy can best serve the needs of all educators in the School. They also meet with other Academy members in their departments to discover and implement ways to honor and support teachers.

Membership applicants are encouraged to contact one of these individuals for more information about the Academy and for help in preparing their Educator's Portfolio. In addition, trained Academy application coaches are available for one-on-one guidance. For a formal referral to an Academy application coach, email

All academy members may be searched by department in our Membership Directory.

  • Department Representatives
    Anatomy Kimberly Topp, PT, PhD, FAAA
    Anesthesia Mark Rollins, MD, PhD
    Basic Science

    Tracy Fulton, PhD

    Marieke Kruidering-Hall, PhD

    Dermatology Kanade Shinkai, MD, PhD
    Epidemiology & Biostatistics George Rutherford, MD
    Emergency Medicine Michelle Lin, MD
    Family & Community Medicine Elisabeth Wilson, MD, MPH
    Family & Community Medicine Margo Vener, MD
    Fresno - at large Michael Peterson, MD
    Medicine Brian Schwartz, MD
    Medicine - VAMC Anna Chang, MD
    Neurology Ann Poncelet, MD
    Ob/Gyn & Repro Science George Sawaya, MD
    Orthopaedic Surgery Mohammad Diab, MD
    Otolaryngology Andrew Murr, MD
    Pediatrics Carrie Chen, MD, MSEd, PhD
    Pediatrics - SFGH Anda Kuo, MD
    Physical Therapy & Rehab Science Kimberly Topp, PT, PhD, FAAA
    Psychiatry Erick Hung, MD
    Radiology and Biomedical Imaging Emma Webb, MD
    Surgery Patricia O'Sullivan, EdD

    If your department is not listed, please contact Kathleen Land at 415-514-9259 or for referral to a departmental representative.