Membership Application: Guidelines

E*Value Scores

About E*Value and educational domains:

  • Please separate UME and GME scores when possible.
  • All E*Value data must show the "N" (number of responses).

About the application process:

About letters:

  • DO ask for a letter of recommendation from your department chair. The letter should be addressed to the Academy of Medical Educators and emailed by your chair's office directly to (The letter may be jointly signed by your department chair and division chief.)
  • DO notify other references, as applicable, that the Academy will be requesting letters. (Note that we will not supply any supporting materials with our request.)
  • DO NOT include letters of recommendation with your application.

About formatting:

  • Number the pages of your application.
  • Educator's Portfolio must not exceed 10 pages.
  • Personal statement must not exceed 2 pages.
  • Please use 11 point minimum Arial font with one-inch left and right margins.
  • Please do not duplicate information. If something fits in two categories, include it in the category where it fits the best and then refer to it in other categories.
  • For those applying in Advising and Mentoring, the mentee table must designate medical students and residents by their year of MD (i.e. current 1st year MS = MD 2016; current typical intern = MD 2012), NOT by name.
  • No addenda will be accepted with your application, including student comments.