To obtain personal E*Value data for teaching in the first two years of the medical student curriculum, follow the instructions provided by OME's Educational Evaluation team.

For assistance with E*Value data for clerkships, electives, and residency programs, please contact the designated person in your department.

  • DIRECT TEACHING documentation must include individual E*Value scores with comparative data.

  • CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT AND INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN and EDUCATIONAL ADMINISTRATION AND LEADERSHIP areas must have course E*Value scores with comparative data or other objective measures.

  • All E*Value data must show the "N" (number of responses).

Suggestions for finding comparative data for your teaching data:

  • E*Value contacts as listed on the AME website may be able to provide comparative data for all teachers in your course/clerkship/program.
  • For small programs, comparative data may be sought from similar small programs; an example would be a similar sized fellowship program in a similar or the same department.
  • Peer ratings of teaching through observations provide evidence of teaching excellence.