Membership Application: Preparation and Submission

A strong membership application requires thoughtful advance planning and several iterations of review with the assigned coach. Key steps to applying:

  • 1. Download workbook and draft your application using the Word templates provided; review with coach.
    2. Email the final draft application to the AME at for administrative review by or before April 22.
    3. Following a satisfactory administrative review, submit the final on-line application by or before May 13. (Link will be provided by the AME.)


The following components comprise a complete application:

Checklist: specifies the candidate’s educational focus(es) and roles in which s/he is applying.

Personal statement: two pages maximum; should thoughtfully describe the candidate’s educational philosophy, trajectory, future direction, and intended contributions to the AME and the school.

Educator’s Portfolio: see Workbook Parts 2 and 3 for templates and examples. A maximum of 7 pages, the EP contains:

  • 1. A 1-page Executive Summary that briefly describes up to 5 significant contributions to education, organized by role, with Teaching as the first contribution.
    • There may be more than one highlighted contribution in a given role (e.g. Teaching and 2 examples of Educational Leadership).

  • 2. Up to 3 detailed role descriptions (maximum 2 pages each).
    • Teaching is required, plus 1-2 other contributions highlighted in the Executive Summary.
    • Candidates with significant leadership responsibilities (e.g. course, clerkship or residency director) must apply in Educational Leadership.
  • PLEASE NOTE: A common mistake is to apply in too many categories, including roles in which candidates cannot demonstrate excellence.

Letters of support:

    1. All applicants: Department chair letter - may be written by a division chief, but must be transmitted to the AME by the department chair with endorsement of the content.

    2. If applying in Mentoring and Advising: letters from three mentees or advisees.

    3. If applying in Educational Leadership: letters from three peers or supervisors who are able to discuss from personal experience the applicant’s leadership and administrative qualities.

  • All letters must be requested by the candidate but emailed by the letter writer directly to the AME (

For help, contact Kathleen Land, AME Membership Lead,