Established Endowed Chairs

  • Current Chair Former Chair
    • Academy Chair for Innovation in Teaching
      Peter Chin-Hong, MD, MAS (2013)
    • TOP
    • Academy Chair in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
      Calvin Chou, MD, PhD (2011)
    • Academy Chair for Excellence in Foundational Teaching
      Tracy Fulton, PhD (2013)
    • William G. Irwin Endowed Chair
      Helen Loeser, MD, MSc
    Molly Cooke, MD
    • Sexton Sutherland Endowed Chair in Human Anatomy
      Kimberly Topp, PT, PhD, FAAA (2005, 2011)
    • Sol Shnider Endowed Chair for Anesthesia Education
      Mark Rollins, MD, PhD (2014)

    Manuel Pardo Jr., MD
    (2003, 2008)

    • Academy Chair in Pharmacology Education
      Marieke Kruidering-Hall, PhD (2012)
    Susan Masters, PhD (2007)
    • Endowed Chair in Dermatology Medical Student Education
      Kanade Shinkai, MD, PhD (2015)
    Timothy Berger, MD (2005, 2010)
    • Academy Chair in Emergency Medicine Education
      Michelle Lin, MD (2012)
    • Salvatore Pablo Lucia Chair in Preventive Medicine
      George Rutherford, MD (2005, 2011)
    • The Permanente Medical Group Teaching Chair in Primary Care
      Elisabeth Wilson, MD, MPH (2015)

    William Shore, MD (2006, 2011)

    • Vitamin Settlement Endowed Chair in Community Medicine II
      Margo Vener, MD (2006, 2011)
    • Gold-headed Cane Endowed Education Chair in Internal Medicine
      Anna Chang, MD (2015)
    Karen Hauer, MD, PhD (2004, 2009)
    • Gold-headed Cane Endowed Teaching Chair in Internal Medicine
      Brian Schwartz, MD (2015)
    Leslie Zimmerman, MD (2004, 2009)
    • Robert B. Domush, MD, Chair in Obstetrics and Gynecology Education
      George Sawaya, MD (2013)


    Patricia Roberston, MD (2007)
    • Academy Chair in Orthopaedic Surgery
      Mohammad Diab, MD (2008, 2013)
    • Roger Boles, MD Academy Chair in Otolaryngology Education
      Andrew Murr, MD (2006, 2011)
    • Endowed Chair in Pathology Medical Student Education
      to be named
    Henry Sanchez, MD (2005)
    • Abraham Rudolph Chair in Pediatric Education
      Huiju Carrie Chen, MD, MSEd, PhD (2007, 2013)
    • Academy Chair in Pediatric Education
      Anda Kuo, MD (2013)
    J. Colin Partridge, MD, MPH (2007)
    • Endowed Chair in Psychiatry Medical Student Education
      Erick Hung, MD (2015)

    Lowell Tong, MD
    (2003, 2009)

    • Academy Chair for Education in Radiology and Biomedical Imaging
      Emma Webb, MD (2015)
    • Endowed Chair in Surgical Education
      Patricia O'Sullivan, EdD (2014)

    Andre Campbell, MD
    (2003, 2009)