Academy-Based Chair Policy



Establishment of and appointment to Academy-based chairs will be consistent with the University's policy regarding academic appointees, Endowed Chairs and Professorships and with School of Medicine and campus guidelines. If the endowed chair is funded by private gifts, a governing gift instrument, developed and executed through the Development Office, must be in place. The gift instrument shall, when needed, include a payment schedule, and language regarding the addition of payout to principal until full funding is achieved.

The endowed chairs created through this program must be used for faculty:

  • who are members of The Haile T. Debas Academy of Medical Educators in the School of Medicine; and
  • who qualify under University policy to hold an endowed chair.

Note that Academy members cannot concurrently hold more than one chair.


The focus of work for each term may be aligned with one of the Academy's current strategic priorities. This primary emphasis may change from term to term, but it will always be consistent with the chair's established purpose. The preference of a donor in further stipulating the focus of a chair will be respected; however, it is the intent of this program that a number of Academy members have access to the chairs. Therefore, over-specification of the purpose or focus of a chair should be avoided. At the end of the first term, the Academy may refocus the chair's strategic alignment, and the current holder may be renewed or another eligible Academy member may be appointed through the same process used for the original appointment.


The dean, at the request of the director of the Academy, will appoint a search committee, which will be comprised of a broad cross-section of faculty, including Academy member(s) and non-member(s), with knowledge of the academic program(s) to be supported by the chair. The director of the Academy (or designee) will serve as an ex officio member of the committee. In keeping with school and campus guidelines for appointment of endowed chairs, the following procedure will be followed:

  • The search committee forwards its recommendation in writing to the dean along with the nominee's CV.
  • If the dean concurs with the recommendation, it will be forwarded to the chancellor for approval.
  • The chancellor will notify the nominee directly of the appointment.



Appointments to Academy-based chairs have five-year terms (maximum two terms). A project-based application process will be used for each five-year term, and all eligible Academy members may submit an application for consideration by the search committee. At any time, should a chair holder fail to qualify for annual renewal of membership in the Academy, appointment to the endowed chair will be terminated.



Academic stewardship review will occur in the third and fifth years of an incumbent's term. In the fifth year, a stewardship review/search committee will conduct a formal review and recommend a candidate for the next term. The current holder may be renewed for a second and final term, or another eligible Academy member may be appointed through the same process used for the original appointment. A successful stewardship review is required for reappointment to a second term.


Throughout the chair holder's term of appointment, payout will be distributed to the incumbent's academic department. Note that:

  • Annual payout (less management fees) is intended to be used solely for the educational efforts and salary support of the chair holder.
  • In the event a chair is vacant, the payout will be provided to the Academy to be used for support of medical education, in compliance with the original purpose for the endowment, or returned to principal.



Chair holders will file annual reports with the Academy, describing their educational activities. A formal stewardship report will be required in the fifth year of each term.