Educator's Portfolio

2014 Applicants to the Academy of Medical Educators, please note there is a new Educator's Portfolio for Applicants. Please visit the Academy Application pages for complete information.

The Educator's Portfolio (EP) documents educational accomplishment for academic promotion, and is the core of the membership application for the Academy. Educational accomplishments are divided into five categories, so there may be up to five sections in an instructor's EP.

  • The EP should be a maximum of 10 pages.
  • There are no attachments.

The five categories of Educational Accomplishment are:

Please click on each category for its description, documentation instructions and template (where a template is not provided there is an example of documentation).

    Applicants to the Academy of Medical Educators, please note:

    Successful candidates will demonstrate excellence in all areas in which they apply. Because demonstrated accomplishment is rare in all five categories, candidates are encouraged to apply only in their strongest categories, provided that the following requirements are met:

    • All candidates must apply in Direct Teaching and at least one other category.
    • Those with significant responsibilities in a specific area must apply in that category.

    Important: The Educator's Portfolio must not exceed 10 pages, excluding the check list (one page) and personal statement (up to two pages).

    Click here for detailed instructions on applying for Academy membership.

    About the Educator's Portfolio

    Traditionally there has been little formal assessment of the educational activities of a candidate for promotion beyond "counting" hours of teaching or letters of recommendation. The standard packet typically provides very little evidence of the content or quality of a teacher's or educator's work. To acknowledge faculty members' contributions to teaching programs, some medical schools have begun to use a "portfolio" to organize and document educational activities - a concept borrowed from artists and architects who have long collected samples of their best work for others to evaluate.

    Please contact Kathleen Land at, or 415-514-9259, if you have any questions.