Educator's Portfolio: Educational Research

Example of documentation of Educational Research

Description: Candidates achieving distinction in this category are generating new knowledge and having an impact on medical education regionally or nationally. The central activities of educational research are:

  • Creation of enduring educational materials that are adopted beyond UCSF
  • Publication and presentations of peer-reviewed work regionally/nationally
  • Receipt of grants or contracts based on peer review of written proposals

Documentation: Candidates should provide a one- to two-page description of their medical education scholarship and creative work and its impact. The products of creative work (papers, CD-ROM, Web-based curricula) should be listed and described.

  • Where appropriate, documentation of the impact of innovations (e.g. curricula adopted elsewhere) should be included.
  • Papers published and presentations given within the past five years should be listed, as should grants and contracts received.
  • The nature of the candidate's service to or leadership of regional or national professional organizations related to medical education should be described.