Educator's Portfolio: Educational Administration and Leadership

Template for Educational Administration and Leadership

Description: Faculty members in this category serve with distinction as course directors, curriculum coordinators, members of committees involved with the planning and/or evaluation of education. Their courses and clerkships are particularly well-run; they are effective in providing guidance and opportunities for growth to more junior faculty and they participate actively and effectively in curricular activities beyond their own course or clerkship.

Documentation: A one- to two-page description of the candidate's leadership roles in courses, clerkships, residency programs and committees related to medical education constitutes the central documentation of excellence in this category.

  • The outcomes of these leadership activities should be documented by specific E*Value data (for course, clerkship, etc) and comparative data when possible.
  • The candidate should list three individuals (colleagues, faculty supervisors and subordinates, committee chairs) able to discuss from direct experience the candidate's leadership and administrative qualities including effective course management, provision of timely and constructive feedback to faculty subordinates, and the ability to synthesize committee ideas into action.
  • Please include contact information for the faculty members.

Academy applicants: Educational Administration and Leadership is required in the Educator's Portfolios of applicants who have had a significant leadership role. Weight will be given to those with established track records. Reflection on your future plans in this domain is encouraged.