Educator's Portfolio: Direct Teaching

Template for Direct Teaching

: Faculty members who perform with distinction as teachers show unusual ability in presenting and reinforcing information, stimulating thinking, and in triggering discussion and synthesis. They consistently perform distinctly better than their peers across a range of teaching activities.

Documentation: A one- to two-page description of the candidate's direct teaching activities over the past five years along with a tabular summary of the candidate's teaching evaluations from pertinent teaching activities in these same years is the most important documentation in this category.

  • For faculty teaching in courses, the candidate's teaching ratings (E*Value scores) should be compared to the course mean. Clinical teachers should likewise compare their teaching ratings to all faculty participating in the specific teaching activity, if possible. Systematic peer reviews and educational consultant reports are also pertinent.
  • Please give ratings only in the categories on the template (Overall teaching effectiveness or Teaching skills/Interest in teaching/Overall rating). An "N" (Number of ratings) for each rating must be supplied. UME and GME ratings should be separated if possible.
  • Teaching awards and honors should be listed along with a brief description of the criteria used to select award recipients, if not evident from the title.
  • Please do not include testimonials and letters from individual students, or comments from E*Value. The applicant's department chair is encouraged to use students' comments in his/her letter of support.

Academy applicants: Direct Teaching is required in all Educator's Portfolios used for application.