Educator's Portfolio: Curriculum Development and Instructional Design

Template for Curriculum Development and Instructional Design

Description: Faculty members who perform with distinction in this category are typically responsible for the development of new or substantially revised courses or clerkships. They demonstrate the ability to recognize unmet curricular needs and to bring a new curricular element from idea to reality. They include appropriate evaluation approaches to assess the impact of their innovation.

Documentation: A one- to two-page description of the candidate's innovative curricular projects in the past five years constitutes the central element documenting excellence in this category. The description of what the candidate did, how it was done, and how its effectiveness was assessed, should include discussion of:

  • The educational objectives in measurable terms
  • Selection of teaching methods consistent with objectives and learners
  • Preparation of instructional materials, handouts and supplemental resources
  • Evaluation approaches (written exams, OSCE, oral exams, ratings of performance, chart review)
  • If your innovation has become a part of the curriculum, please include course E*Value ratings and comparative data.