Educator's Portfolio: Advising and Mentoring

Example of documentation of Advising and Mentoring

Description: Faculty members performing with distinction expend unusual effort as mentors and advisors and by virtue of this effort and the effectiveness of their efforts are sought out by students as formal advisors, informal mentors, collaborators on research and other projects and as career advisors.


Documentation: A one- to two-page description of the advising and mentoring activities over the past five years and a de-identified list of students advised provides the basis of candidacy in this category.

  • For advisor/mentors who undertake collaborative projects with students, the project and its outcome (publication, presentation) should be described. (Do not include mentee names; see sample for format.)

  • Remedial work with students with academic and personal problems may be included in this category. (Do not include student names; see sample for format.)


Academy applicants only:

  • Identify 3 students on whom you believe you have had the greatest impact, describe your work with them as a mentor/advisor and what you believe the impact of that mentoring was.
  • Please include contact information for these 3 students. Advisee input will be requested by the selection committee; please do not request letters from students.